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What makes a great photographer? Being able to see the final image in your head, having the skill to create it, and the patience to wait for the perfect moment in time to capture it.

Greg and his staff of professional wedding & portrait photographers have been creating amazing images for over 20 years. We have traveled to New York City, South Carolina, even Texas (just to name a few) to photograph weddings and events. Having grown up in Chester County Greg knows his way around and the high level of photography his clients expect. We are Professional Photographers and Creators...miles above average when it comes to the memory you would like captured and preserved forever.

In terms of a wedding the cake will be gone, the dress never to be worn again, the kids ever growing & its impossible to get ALL the family together again. This is a once in a lifetime event: don't trust your memories to anyone but us.

Wedding photography, events, even family portraits can be reasonably priced, contact Greg today to find out how.  More about Greg.
Parent Category: Chester County Photographer
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Parent Category: Chester County Photographer

We combine photojournalistic and classic styles of photography for all of our events and sessions. Our images and styles infuse eye-catching contrast into any photograph, portfolio, or album. Great effort and pride is taken with every photograph and moment we capture.

Creativity is a staple with @Cazillo, we do all of our own graphic manipulation and album layout. Our images come from the hearts and minds of our formally educated and experienced photographers. We are able to capture the most important moments in your life and preserve family memories.

We strive to be flexible with our variety of packages and prints. We have personally chosen top quality album distributors for each of our style albums and folios; combined with our design talents and your ideas, you will have a unique and finely crafted keepsake. All of our prints can be converted manually to black and white or sepia tone. We use all professional digital SLR cameras, from wide angle to telephoto lenses. Our top of the line software and superb quality labs ensure that all of your memories are of the best quality possible to last for years to come.

About Greg

Greg in ActionGregory Cazillo has over 15 years of photography experience as an accomplished professional.  He started out photographing weddings as an assistant at the age of 18.  Greg realized very quickly that his passion is photography.  Shortly thereafter he decided to go to college and gain formal education at Antonelli Institute of Photography.  Antonelli taught Greg how to pre-visualize an image before he conceives it; this insight into how to create an image combined with his broad imagination are his keys to beautiful photography.

Greg thinks like an artist. Or better, he SEES like an artist. While most people look at life's straight lines, its height and depth and width, Greg is bending the lines with his imagination and turning black and white into shades of blue and yellow. And in conversations with clients or with his friends he will ask, "Do you see what I see?" A few might, most don't, but he consistently piques everyone's curiosity with his own original and inventive ways of thinking.  Greg approaches a task with as much imagination as organization, and with a willingness to bend and modify in order to exercise some urge of creativity.

Website Design is also a passion of Greg's. He works closely with his clients to be sure he creates the exact site any small business needs or desires. If you would like to see more of Greg's website designs you can visit Cazillo.com.


Gregory Cazillo
Professional Photographer and Photojournalist

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We are located in Exton, PA but we travel all over the tri-state area. PA, DE & NJ