The following questions and answers will give you a better understanding of why you should hire a Professional Photographer, not just some guy with a camera.  Any one can take a picture, but only a Professional can capture the true feeling of the moment.
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We do no charge for extra time.  We want you to relax and have fun, not worry about what time it is.  Typical wedding coverage starts two or three hours before the ceremony and ends after the bouquet, garter and cake. 

We only photograph one wedding per day, and we are there for you the whole time!
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The first thing to do if you want a professional photographer under these circumstances is to be flexible. A true wedding professional can only work so many weekends a year. If he/she reserves a prime Saturday or Sunday in October for you, then larger weddings will have to be turned away. If your budget is small, you will be choosing from the second and third tiers of wedding photographers. If you plan your wedding in the evening or especially early in the day, you might find a photographer who can fit you in after or before another event, and thus be able to work with your budget. Unfortunately, when you are limiting yourself to a smaller photo budget you can expect lower quality photographs.
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Visit a few websites and choose a few to call and go meet.  Just emailing is not enough to be sure you can get along with the photographer.  If you don't like the photographer you will not look good in the photos, period.  Also beware of a large studio that "hand picks" the photographer for you.  Don't fall for their high pressure salesman, you absolutely must meet the photographer you will work with before signing the contract.  Make sure the photographer's name is on the contract.

Do you absolutely love their best photos? Make sure to ask to see more than just their "best", ask to see 2-3 weddings of ALL the proofs that are within the last year. 
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We want to spend no more than $1,500, but all the good photographers start at $2,000 and up. Why is it so expensive?

Because to make a living at photography, the artist knows that his/her expenses and overhead, even with digital photography, even with the smallest package, are $1,500 to $2,000 per wedding.
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There are many many reasons to hire a professional.  A few of them are:

  • We are on time
  • We use the best cameras on the market
  • We use the best camera lenses on the market
  • We have photographed hundreds of events and weddings: we know what to expect and how to recover if something goes wrong
  • A professional does not have your cherished keepsake prints made at WalMart, Our professional Color Laboratory is the best and meets our ultra high standards
  • Professionals create photographs you will absolutely love, not just another picture to throw in a shoebox.